…So our Billet is to serve a purpose greater than oneself by providing the best complete healthcare continuum to our patients, their families, providers, and the community.

We put a lot behind what we wanted our name to mean, to represent, to say about us as a company, and that’s how we came upon BilletHealth. We want to welcome you to take part in our journey as we change the face of the healthcare continuum.

BilletHealth is more than just a new name. It represents a new way of doing healthcare, where we aim to be the best, most trusted advocate for every patient. We are the supportive human voice guiding patients and their loved ones through the daunting process of the healthcare continuum.

Originally, it was a Home away from Home. BUT today different industries have personalized the word and meaning. In Architecture, it’s a type of solid steel used in construction to build its foundation and structure. In the Court Systems, it’s been used by judges and attorneys to represent their position, their purpose, their billet.

So, who is BilletHealth and how does this all come together? WE are a Home away from Home, WE are a foundation for the future of healthcare, and WE are serving a purpose greater than oneself.

We're keeping things simple, focusing on the solutions and putting patients first. All with one single-minded goal: simplifying the needs and wants of our patients.

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